Nadia Hijab, Partner

Nadia Hijab is an independent consultant on human development, human rights, gender, and the media. She served at the United Nations Development Programme from 1989 to 1999 where, among other things, she advised UNDP country offices in Asia, Arab States, Africa, and Latin America on human development, acted as focal point on human rights, and was part of the agency's change management team. She produced the organization's first strategy on human rights; the Leader's Guide to Sustainable Human Development; and the Change Management Resource Guide.

Prior to joining UNDP, Ms. Hijab was an established author and journalist in the United Kingdom. She served for several years as editor-in-chief of The Middle East Magazine and was a frequent commentator on the BBC. Her first book Womanpower: the Arab debate on women at work was published by Cambridge University Press in 1988.

Since 1999, she has worked as an independent consultant. Her clients include: Columbia University, UNDP, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF); and the World Bank. Her products include programme evaluations, situation analyses, strategy papers, reports, manuals, brochures, and articles, as well as scripts, and other media products. Her work has taken her to countries as far-flung as Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Iraq.

Languages: English, Arabic, French.


Managing Editor (2000—present)
Journal of Human Development: Alternative Economics in Action
Reducing Maternal Deaths: Selecting Priorities, Tracking Progress
UNFPA and Columbia University (2002)
On Track & On Time: Implementing development projects and building national capacity in Latin America
Partnership Series No. 1, UNDP, 2001
Womanpower: the Arab debate on women at work
Cambridge University Press, 1988
Laws, Regulations, and Practices Impeding Women's Economic Participation in the MENA Region
Report to the World Bank, April 2001


Human Rights and Development: Learning from Those Who Act
Background paper for Human Development Report 2000


People's Initiatives to Bridge the Digital Divide
Background Paper for UNDP Human Development Report 2001


Evaluation of UNDP global poverty programs, 2000